Sustainability and Climate Change

Research Programme

Developing economies like India have to balance economic progress with concerns on climate change and effects on the environment. This research programme examines themes of environmental sustainability, climate resilience and the socio-economic implications of mitigation and adaption options to enable green growth. We seek to understand the challenges created by increasing pressures on environmental resources due to growing population trends and accelerated urbanisation. We explore approaches to develop innovative solutions through engaging with questions pertaining to deployment of renewable technologies, urban transitions, government policies and regulations, and also issues of equity and fairness, through evidence-based research with the aim of informing policy toward achieving economic development and sustainable development goals alongside environmental sustainability.

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Featured Research

This presentation presents findings from the Mahindra World City, an experiment in sustainable urban development in India, in the context of the global sustainable development agenda.

Sustainable Natural Resources in a Changing Urban Landscape (2019). Kattumuri, R.


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