Sustainable Development Futures

Exploring and curating the future of development for India and the world.


 Focus on international approaches for Education, Skilling and Entrepreneurship. We systematically investigate skill development programmes to identify the link between up-skilling, upward economic mobility and equitable economic development.


Focus on understanding and evaluating the deployment of AI technologies and prevalent algorithmic approaches with a focus on the enhancement of human capability. It engages with the governance and practices of rapid technological change, while delving into the urgent questions of ethics, fairness, inequality and social welfare.

Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Focus on researching the environmental and socio-economic implications i.e. co-benefits of the mitigation and adaptation options developed to climate change.

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Focus on research to inform policies and practices for enabling sustainable urban development and creation of resilient infrastructure.

Focus on the current state of governance and stability of financial institutions across the world, with a particular reference to Indian financial institutions. We aim to analyse governance of financial institutions with respect to compliance with existing regulations, and how non-compliance could risk efficiency, risk-taking behaviour and stability of the financial system.

Fiscal Policies and Governance of Financial Institutions
Fiscal Policies and Governance of Financial Institutions

Focus on processes of inclusive economic growth for developing countries, including ideas and experiences in increasing global prosperity

Economic Growth & Inclusion
Rural Development

 Focus on the development of the Indian village of Palanpur, and its study to understand how rural individuals, networks and communities adapt to global changes. 

Focus on political economy, institutions and citizen participation, and questions of what makes for accountable and effective governance in developing countries. 

Governance and Democracy

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